Multipurpose Scoreboard Matrix Display

Multipurpose Scoreboard Matrix Display

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Multipurpose Scoreboard Matrix Display to display scores for various sport.

We offer Multipurpose Scoreboard Matrix Displays, which offer great flexibility as well as dynamic control of all sporting events. Also they are ideal for artifacts which host multiple sports, with the quality to show detailed info during every single event. Provided with impressive & modish picture quality, these tailor the look for  baseball, basketball, football, wrestling or whatever event or function you choose — outdoors or indoors. As the name suggests Multipurpose Scoreboard Matrix Displays can also incorporate sponsor messages, text, advertising, team logos, animations and graphics.

Key Points :

  • Perfect solutions to engage the fans with the correct info at all events.
  • Provided with an unmatched versatility & accuracy.
  • Render comprehensive solutions for all venues; whether stadium, arena,  aquatics or commercial.
  • Can be employed as standalone units as well as can be combined with single or numeric color LED matrix.