Rolling Message Display

Rolling Message Display

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Rolling message displays are also popularly known as alphanumeric displays, moving message displays, scrolling displays. MIPLs scrolling display systems are a unique opportunity to enhance the power of your communication manifold. With unmatched features such as variety in sizes, unbelievable flexibility, various inputs, and highly competitive prices, these display systems stand way apart from the conventional displays. The highlighting feature of these display systems is the availability of the latest technology comparable to others, at a very low price as well as the enormous flexibility, versatility and cost effectiveness. Some of the extravagant features are as mentioned below:


  • Single Line / Multi-line displays.

  • Single Colour / Multi-colour LED outputs.

  • Multi-lingual, Animation, Graphics features possible.

  • Different letter styles (Fonts). Editing facility at user’s discretion.

  • Enclosure: Rugged, Weatherproof Construction to suit Outdoor conditions.

  • Indoor / outdoor